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13 Chemin de la Font des Dones, 06650 Opio, France


If you are coming to the South of France for business or pleasure, wouldn't it be fun to see something of the area where you are staying?

TBA EVENTS have created a retro Treasure Hunt in Cannes

Our hunt is not an app or on an Ipad. We want you walk around and to look up and about and not be glued to a screen. Our treasure hunt is on paper and the answers will need to be written down.

We will also provide you with cameras -remember those? You may have to learn how to use these archaic objects again. No phones used in this hunt.

It is not based on a silly story or 'adventure,' this is a an old-fashioned experience!

You and your friends or colleagues can choose from these four areas of the French Riviera and spend a couple of hours exploring and finding answers to our questions.

We then all meet again to mark the hunts together (often a cause for much heckling) perhaps over something cool and refreshing to drink or a delicious lunch or dinner.


Why not get out of the meeting room or the hotel room and explore this stunning area.

For more details email: tiffany@tbaevents.com