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Sustainable Events

Your best event can be better for the world

TBA Events has created and managed events for over twenty years in London, Paris and the Côte d’Azur. We have launched VW cars with spectacular success and collaborated with Audi dealerships handling all their showroom events. From events for 2000 guests .to simple, elegant dinners for 30. We have used venues from museums to beaches and everything in between.

Our experiences have led us to realise that in order to move forward we have to look at the bigger picture and the impact that our events are making on the planet.

Although we stand by our sustainable values, we are not ‘preachy’ or ‘worthy’ in fact, we want you and your clients to have the best time and we can help you do that and help the planet.

We have chosen to follow our heads and our hearts and choose the path of sustainability and hope that you will too !

Tiffany Butler, CEO, TBA Events


Why Run a Sustainable Event?
Are There Benefits To Sustainable Events?

Of course!

Minimises environmental impact

Promotes corporate social responsiblity

Supports local suppliers

Reduces costs

Demonstrates a desire to be part of the solution

Areas to consider:

The Preparation Phase

Planning, Venue & Transport

Unfortunately sustainability in the events arena is still seen as niche and not an industry standard therefore it takes care, time and planning.

It is never too early to start!

Planning A Sustainable Event

We can help to guide you through the early steps that will make life so much easier nearer the event from venue choice, transport options, types of events and ways to save money and help the planet, they are not incompatible as long as you plan ahead.

Choosing a Sustainable Venue

Selecting a venue accessible by public transport is just one of the choices you can make to make a difference, our booklet which is free to download can give you further idea

Prioritising lower carbon transport

We know that for various reasons travel may have to be by air and we understand that.  We can organize carbon offsetting options for you and we can also arrange for collections of groups rather than individuals.

Please look at our free downloadable booklet for further ideas.


The Execution Phase
Getting The Details Right

Food, Drink & Decorations

There are multiple ways you can achieve your sustainability goals when catering for your event.


We work with suppliers and caterers that buy locally and in-season produce ensuring lower food miles whilst still being able to create delicious menus. In addition, we can offer organic options.

Waste can be donated or composted for example and there are more examples in our downloadable booklet.

Local, Organic & Sustainable Drinks

Since we are based in a fabulous wine area, we can always  recommend local wines and drinks to you and your guests and of course arrange wine tastings too.

Creative, Low-Impact Decorations

We all know that plastic is very difficult to dispose of, so we will always try and use alternatives which can be achieved easily with fabric and paper decorations or recyclable styling .

The Other Stuff!
Other Things To Consider

Educate, Communicate & Innovate

It is always better to be part of the solution than part of the problem. When you run an event, your guests will see that you are part of the solution, that you actively believe in it and want to put it into practice.

Naturally there are situations when the positive impact may be minimal but if we can help you to do that little bit to reduce the negatives then surely that’s better ?

Manage The Clean Down

This is such a simple way to be positive in your choices. We always ensure that the venue is left clean and in order, using eco-friendly products.


No-one is suggesting that an event can be zero impact but by making small changes we can make big differences.

Not only does operating this way demonstrate real intention but it is something that all your guests can be a part of and feel good about.

Whether it is a birthday party, corporate event or conference, host an event you and your guests are proud to attend.

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We would love to discuss your next event on the French Riviera. Please contact Tiffany to discuss your event requirements or how to make your next event more sustainable.